Saturday, August 31, 2013

Meet Poppy's Parents

Bella Merry is Poppy's mother and the most famous paper doll artist in the world!
Bella loves that she can create her art from her very own home while raising her seven precious children...

Thomas Merry is Poppy's father and one of just the few Time Travelers in the universe.  Thomas also writes a book series about Time Traveling for children.
Poppy has recently started accompanying her father on some of his trips.  Her favorite visit so far has been to England of the Past to meet William Shakespeare.
Poppy has the best parents imaginable! 

Change of Plans

Joe and I were supposed to travel to New Jersey for the big Syracuse-Penn State game at the MetLife Dome.
The forecast indicated temperatures reaching 90 degrees and the heat and I don't get along, so with heavy hearts, we decided to cancel our trip.
We will be at the game in spirit today via the television!

Instead of a nine hour drive...
Joe got busy trimming Pete's Tree.
I remember when we planted our dear tree friend.

Joe had the day off took full advantage of our beautiful Ohio weather.
He really does consider yard work his form of play!

I worked on my Spring in Critter Hollow painting and caught up on the news.

Flexibility is very important in life, wouldn't you agree?

Friday, August 30, 2013

A Journal Just For Me Thanks to Susan Wittig Albert

I downloaded this BRAND NEW book on my Kindle app today and can't wait to read it...It's all about the "real" story behind the writing of The Little House Books!
I am deeply entrenched in Susan's Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter right now!

And then I started reading Susan's autobiography, focusing on her marriage.
I LOVE this book and have been inspired to write a journal for my eyes only.

I started my journal today!!!

Just a peek...
~I have needed to do this for a long time~
Thank you, Susan Wittig Albert, for your inspiration...

Dimity Duck's Makeover

While cleaning our house today, Val noticed Dimity was living up to her name because her color was extremely "dim".
Not any longer!
Thank you, Val...

Meet Poppy's Grandparents

Pierre and Eloise DuPont are Poppy's mother's parents.
This lovely couple hails from Paris, France and have been busy establishing the Hittyville Monet Museum.
Poppy believes her artistic genes come from her Meme and Pepe!

Rupert Merry is Poppy's father's father.
Rupert worked in the Lake District in England for many years and is now a very
busy Friend in Hittyville.  Poppy's Papa serves as Mayor of Hittyville Acres and Director of Conservation for all of Hittyville.
Poppy has learned the art of observing Nature from her British Papa.

Lydia Merry is married to Rupert and is the mother of Poppy's father.
Nana designs knitted dolls and has her own studio space in the Hittyville Crafters Studio with her best friend, Beatrix Potter.
Poppy has yet to master the knitting needles, but often collaborates with Nana on the doll designs.
Poppy is so blessed to have all four of her grandparents within just a short walking distance from her home! 
~Poppy is the luckiest of granddaughters~

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Abe and Ellie

Doesn't this look like a serious formal portrait?
Ellie rarely leaves Abe's side...She really is my grandson's BFF!

Poppy Merry and Her Hittyville Friends

I have resurrected my Facebook Page which is now titled
~Poppy Merry and Her Hittyville Friends~
Blogging takes quite a bit of time and with a Facebook Page, I can be way more spontaneous and post whenever the mood strikes.  My "new" page will focus on Hittyville as seen through the eyes of Poppy of my imagination's characters brought to life by the creative genius of Paulette Morrissey.
I will still be blogging, but don't feel as tied down to it with the Facebook Page.
I still need and want to tell Hittyville stories...just at a different pace.
There are just so many wonderful things to do!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August Days

Just so you know, my Hittyville Friends are alive and well and having all kinds of wonderful adventures.  They understand I have been off having adventures of my own and don't mind me not sharing their stories at the moment.
Life, glorious life, just keeps getting in the way...

Abe's First Trip to Huntington Beach

Amy invited me to spend some time with her... and Abe...and suggested we meet up at Huntington Beach in Bay Village, Ohio, where I grew up.
I was so thrilled to share Abe's first visit to the beach, where I spent many afternoons in my younger days.
The view remains unchanged.

The rocks are so much like the ones that protected my Oma and Opa's beach which was just west of Huntington Beach.  Cassi and I would claim our own rocks and imagine them as rooms of our separate beach houses.
Ah, those were the days...

The best exercise in the world was and still is climbing up and down the stairs to the Lake Erie beach.

I wonder if that majestic old tree remembered me...I sure do remember her!

I enjoyed watching the creative movement class.
And then....
Amy and Abe arrived and we took a "stroll" around the park.  The Pavilion in the background is the same one my mom held my fifth birthday party in...and now I was there with my grandson and daughter-in-law 58 years later!!!

We found just the spot to relax for a bit...

Amy dressed Abe in a little boat outfit in honor of his Lake Adventure.

Look how long Abe is!

Amy is without a doubt, the BEST mother in the world.
Time for lunch...
While Amy and I feasted at the Cheesecake Factory, Abe was happily entertained by Monkey.

How I love that child...

Amy had some grocery shopping to do at Trader Joe's, so I took charge of a fussy baby...who after some fancy footwork on my part...fell soundly asleep in his stroller.

Thank you, dear Amy, for inviting me on an Abe Adventure.
~It was DEFINITELY the BEST of times~

Mosquito River

Joe and I haven't been to our River as often as we would like this summer.
The other evening, we enthusiastically set off to spend some time in our peaceful, sacred spot.

And then that awful, terrible buzzing began.

What you don't see in this beautiful setting are the MILLIONS of mosquitoes swarming all over my body!

I think I was running toward the riverbank when I took this picture.
I really did try to outrun the pesky insects, but ended up with several VERY itchy bites on my face!
Mosquitoes NEVER bite Joe...He must carry the insect repellent gene.
~Next time I will bring my Off Deep Woods spray~

A Bit of Mulch

Better late than never!
~Thank you, Joe~

The Hittyville Queen

She sure is a beauty!
Now for the top level...Thank you, Joe!

Brain Pop

My teacher son introduced me to the world of Brain Pop...short animated lessons used by schools as a means of creative instruction.  Noah's students LOVE the lessons and so do I!



I plan on studying every single lesson...This is much better than Project 60!
Thank you, Noah...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lucky Abe

I sure wish Daddy would tickle me.

I LOVE it when Daddy tickles my tummy...

I have the best daddy in the Universe!
AND...I also have the greatest mommy a little boy could hope for!
Doesn't she look glamorous?
~Life is good for my dear grandson~

Abe Meets Uncle Steve

 Noah's best guy friend in the whole world is Steve Moore.
Steve has been traveling and did visit with Noah when Amy and Abe were in Minnesota, but yesterday was the first time Steve finally had a chance to meet Abe.
I wish I could have been there...two of my favorite boys!
 Uncle Steve and Abe bonded immediately...
I can only imagine the wonderful and most likely mischievous times they will share...

Someday, Abe will have a Steve Moore kind of friend of his own.
For now, Ellie appears to be "baby's best friend".
~It was a very special day~