Friday, February 28, 2014

Abe...Playing Inside the Box

One of Brooke and Noah's greatest joys was playing inside boxes.  It looks like Abe is experiencing that same feeling!
It won't be long before Abe's boxes become cars, boats, trains, planes, spaceships...The imagination knows no boundaries when it comes to box play!
I am so thankful some things stay the same...

Poppy's Paris Adventure

 Poppy and her French grandmother are visiting Jardin des Plantes for the Letter J Page of Poppy's Paris Alphabet Book.
Jardin des Plantes is the main botanical garden in Paris and includes a small botanical school where Elosie DuPont taught several classes before she moved to the States.

 Poppy is very excited about her choice for the Letter K Page!  She chose Kilometer Zero which is a place in the center of Paris from which distances to other points of interest in Paris are measured.
Kilometer Zero is located on the square facing the main entrance of Notre Dame.

 Poppy's French grandfather was her personal guide for her Letter L Page choice, which of course is dedicated to the Louvre Museum.  The Louvre is one of the largest museums in the world and was established in 1792.
Poppy spent the entire day visiting this amazing museum and didn't even see half of the treasures!

Observing the Mona Lisa in "person" was a great thrill for Poppy.

 Montmartre was Poppy's choice for the Letter M Page.  Montmartre is actually a hill in Paris and home to the Basilica of Sacre Coeur as well as many shops and galleries.
Years ago, artists such as Picasso, Monet, and Van Gogh had studios in Montmartre's neighborhoods.

 The Dome is just beautiful!

 Poppy hopes someday her art will be good enough to find its way to a gallery in Montmartre.

After all that walking up and down the hill, Poppy thinks this cafe looks very inviting! 

 Notre Dame was Poppy's only choice for the Letter N Page.
Notre Dame "Our Lady" is an historical Catholic Church which has a rich history beginning back in the year 1200.

 The gargoyles fascinated Poppy.  The Latin word for gargoyle is drain, which is what the gargoyles are...The rain from the roof drains out of the gargoyle's mouths.
It was thought the gargoyles also frightened away evil spirits.
So interesting!

Poppy and her mother spent some special, sacred time together inside Notre Dame.

Poppy gave thanks for this unbelievable Paris Adventure...

A Happy Surprise

 Hobbs found the most wonderful gift for Minnie and her Friends while Picking the other day.
Oz and his assistant have set up the surprise behind Studio Row and Minnie insisted they pick up Vicki so she could share this special moment with her.

 A Doll Village!!!

 Minnie has never imagined such a fantastic place!

 Vicki LOVES the little camper and believes her doll does too!

A bit later...
 Minnie's Papa Oz and Hobbs have gone back to work and have left the girls to enjoy their new play area.

 Hobbs told Minnie he has the patterns to make even more fun things for their Doll Village...a schoolhouse, church, bus, sweet shop, and the list goes on!

Vicki declares this is the happiest day of her life...

~It truly was the best of days for our Hittyville Girls...and their dolls~


 Today I hope to put together some "hoop" art!

 Finally...a tiny bit of progress!

This is the first time I have made my bears with clothes...and I think my little friends are happy about that.

Now to make some more Critters.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Poppy's Paris Adventure

 Poppy chose Fashion for her Letter F Page of her Paris Alphabet book.
Poppy and her mother were very lucky to obtain tickets to a fashion show in the fashion capital of the world.

 Bella and her daughter both agree Coco Chanel is their favorite French designer.

 Of course, Giverny...home of Monet's Gardens...was Poppy's choice for the Letter G.  As former head gardener of Monet's Gardens, Eloise DuPont knows all about Giverny and Page G will be very special for both granddaughter and grandmother.

 Bella helped Poppy with her Letter H Page subject material.
Hermes is a store founded in Paris in 1837 and known for its unique and quite beautiful scarves.

 Poppy thought some of the scarves were illustrated history lessons.

 And then there were scarves that looked like works of art!

 Poppy just knew the Letter I page had to be all about Impressionism...a 19th century art movement created by Paris-based artists.
Monet's lily paintings represent the free flowing and natural light characteristics representative of Impressionism.
Poppy's grandfather is an artist and spent many years working in the Louvre Museum, so he was her go-to person for the Letter I Page.

 How Poppy wishes she could join the ballet class in the well known Degas painting.

Poppy has decided Pissarro's paintings are her favorites.  This painting looks like Pixel Art!

The days are speeding by for Poppy and her days are very full gathering information for her Paris Alphabet Book...which our little author/artist LOVES creating!

The Final Chapter of The Case of the Missing Sculpture

 Hitty Gertrude Bell has been authorized to offer the famous Frida Sculptures to their rightful owner, Frida Sparrow, a direct descendant of the artist.

 Frida appreciates Hitty Gertrude Bell's generous gift, but believes her ancestor's works should be for everyone to enjoy and insists they remain in The Hittyville Museum.

 Frida only asks she be able to have access to the sculptures in order to paint pictures of them.

 Hitty Gertrude Bell is relieved and not surprised by Frida's response and assures her friend she may see the sculptures whenever she wishes.

Meanwhile at PCIS...
 Special Agent Gibbs and Director Vance agree to keep Madame Z's picture on the Most Wanted board.
They both believe it is just a matter of time until they apprehend this Master Criminal.

At the Hittyville Docks...
 Bluebeard is beyond upset by his most recent orders from Madame Z.
He is to do whatever it takes to get his pilot's license so he can teach Madame Z how to fly her own airplane.
She never wants to be at the mercy of anyone for anything after her botched theft of the sculpture she REALLY wanted!

Bluebeard is deathly afraid of flying, but even more afraid of saying no to Madame Z.
The life of crime does NOT pay...according to Bluebeard!

The End...For Now

A Timely Gift

 Ontario Culpepper likes his daily routine and is not happy it has to be interrupted today.

 Hittyville's Clockmaker has been summoned by Miss Hitty to meet her at the Hittyville Railroad Station in just an hour.

 Miss Hitty would like Ontario to make one of his famous Clock Towers for the Hittyville Railroad Station.

 Miss Hitty tells Ontario she knows he is busy, but she will not trust anyone else with this project.

 Ontario would be honored to make a Clock Tower for his beloved Hittyville and feels a bit guilty about his negative attitude earlier in the day.

A week later...
 Hitty Georgia called Miss Hitty to report the sudden appearance of a Clock Tower.  She promises Miss Hitty she did NOT order it and has no idea when it was delivered or who delivered it.

 Miss Hitty insists there is nothing to be worried about.

 Miss Hitty apologizes to Hitty Georgia for not sharing the information with her.  She thought it would take Ontario Culpepper much longer to finish the project.

Hitty Georgia is so relieved and is counting the days until Hitty Daisy returns from her South American Adventure!

Discovering Janet Lambert

I finished all my Dinny Gordon books and then discovered an awesome Janet Lambert series which involves two families and 27 books following their adventures!
I just happened to have the very first book and just read a couple of chapters and love it!

Creating a Happy Village

The talented artist, Claudine Hellmuth, has created and sells all kinds of wonderful printable kits...and I have fallen...hook, line, and sinker!
Some Hittyville Friends are going to be mighty happy...

Sunday, February 23, 2014

An Abe Update

 Hello Friends!
Here I am at the famous West Side Market in Cleveland, Ohio.
I just love the bakery counter.  I wonder when I can start eating this stuff...
Baby food is for...well...babies I guess, but I am longing for some sweet treats!

 I must say, I really like the hustle and bustle of this beautiful market.  It's like being at Wal*Mart...only one million times better!

 If one more person calls me a cute little porkchop...just because I am by the meat counter...I am going to take the pacifier out of my mouth and start screaming!
But then we will have to leave and I am not ready to go home yet.
Geez...what a baby has to endure!

This painting has nothing to do with the West Side Market, but everything to do with my greatest talent...and that is art!
I love art time at my school and my teachers call me Pint-Sized Picasso!
Can you believe that?  
My latest painting is that of a poppy in a field flooded with the color of the setting sun...therefore the title..."Bedtime for Poppy"!

I hope to be back soon with more adventures.
Have a great week, everybody!
~Love from Abe~