Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hitty Jane's Journal...Getting Settled

 ~Hello Hittyville Visitors~
Please allow me to introduce myself.  I am Hitty Jane and was hand carved by Erin Kleider and adopted by my Doll Mother...who created Hittyville.
I feel honored to have been chosen to be a Hittyville Ambassador along with my beloved Doll Sister, Ginny.
I am sitting on a little trellis and letting the sun warm my wooden body in this picture.
I am just beginning my Doll Life Adventure and I must is heavenly!!!

 On beautiful mornings, Ginny and I join Doll Mother on our front porch and plan our day.  Living in the country makes my heart so very happy!

 Doll Mother prepares us a "continental" breakfast most days and sits next to us with her cup of tea and lots of ideas for daily adventures!

 Because I am a Hittyville Ambassador, it is important I meet all the Hittyville Friends and visit all five Boroughs.
I especially like Princess Dandelion and was thrilled to meet her Summer Fairies, Melony and Skyler.  They are working together on preparing Friendship Pond for some new Fish Friends.

 I did finally accept Grandma Walton's invitation to tea.  I am somewhat embarrassed to admit I had a bit of a crush on John Boy, but realize I am way too young for romance and besides...John Boy has a new girlfriend!
I helped Grandma and Mama Walton bake a chocolate cake for our teatime.

 Doll Mother is simply the best!  She gave Ginny and myself our VERY OWN Doll Friends!!!
I named my doll Anne with an e and Ginny decided to call her doll Jill.
We take our new Friends with us everywhere, just like Doll Mother takes us everywhere she goes!

I just covered a tiny snippet of my Grand Doll Adventure so far, but will be back to share more...much more...with you very soon!

~Love from Hitty Jane~

Hitty Jane's Journal...A Visit to Brooke's Classroom

 ~Hello Hittyville Visitors~
My Doll Mother is so happy I have agreed to help tell her Blog Stories!  She has been very busy creating Brooke's art piece for her classroom door window and Brooke loves it!

 Brooke asked my Doll Mother...who as you all know is her mother as make something "math-ish" and this is what my Doll Mother came up with.
I want to learn how to make felt art pieces, too!

 Ginny found upper AND lower case G's for Ginny.  I never did find an H or J for Hitty Jane.

 Reading is very important in our family.  I was "born" knowing how to read.  Our Doll Mother taught Ginny how to read long ago.

 Doll Mother has started reading "Impunity Jane" by Rumer Godden to us at bedtime.  I knew I would love the book because my name is in the title and it's about a DOLL!

I have to say...I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Brooke's classroom.  There was so much to do and many places to explore!
Ginny told me this bell belonged to our Doll Mother when she started teaching...over 40 years ago!
WOW!!!  Doll Mother doesn't teach in a school anymore.  She is busy with her artwork and all of Hittyville, of course.

~It was the most wonderful of adventures~
Love from Hitty Jane

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hitty Jane Arrives in Hittyville

 Hitty Jane thanks Grandma Walton for being such a wonderful travel companion during the last leg of her journey to Hittyville.
She is certain she is going to be VERY happy here!

 Grandma Walton invites Hitty Jane to her home for tea as soon as she gets settled in.

And then...
 Grandma Walton introduces Hitty Jane to her grandson, John Boy, and explains to him her new Friend is the newest Hittyville Ambassador.

 John Boy welcomes Hitty Jane to Hittyville and offers her a ride to wherever she is going.

 Hitty Jane would like nothing more than to spend some quality time with this handsome and charming young man, but tells John Boy that Ginny will be picking her up and taking her to meet her Fairy Doll Mother.

Just a few minutes later...
 Ginny warmly welcomes her fellow Ambassador to Hittyville and hopes she didn't have to wait very long.  A flock of sheep crossing the road backed up traffic for at least a quarter of a mile!

 Hitty Jane assures Ginny she had pleasant company to pass the time with and thinks to herself how happy she is to have such a kind fellow Ambassador.

On their way to meet their Fairy Doll Mother...
 Hitty Jane has a favor to ask Ginny...

She wonders if they might take a bit of a detour and stop by the Walton's Homestead for afternoon tea.  Grandma Walton did invite her and she wants to start her life in Hittyville on the right foot...

~To be continued~

Sunday With Abe

 After a delicious lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings in Rocky River with Noah, Amy, and Abe, Joe and I headed to West Park for some more moving in projects.
Abe is getting more sure on his feet and walking a bit by himself and A LOT if you hold his hand!

 Joe and Noah headed outside to work on the fence and yard.
Amy went upstairs to organize Abe's room.
I had the best job of all...watching Abe!

 I love this little guy with my WHOLE heart!

 Abe enjoyed "clapping" his shoes together.  He really does have quite a sense of rhythm!

 Abe LOVES water!

 Amy took a picture of Abe napping in my arms.
Heaven on earth.

 Joe worked very hard on the fence so the dogs will NOT escape!

 Noah weeded away in the rain...

 Earlier in the day, Noah and Amy attended Pool School on their deck and learned all the ins and outs of pool care.
They both passed!

And then...
 Abe bid us a fond adieu...
Spending time with my grandson is definitely my favorite thing to do!

On the way home...
Ginny and I noticed a tornado watch was in effect for the entire area between Noah's home and the farm.
We did experience some rain, but the storms stayed north of us, thank goodness!

~It was the best of days~

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Newest Hittyville Ambassador

I am known to my Hittyville Friends as their Fairy Doll Mother.  I have provided my many dolls with homes and a magical village to enjoy their adventures and have made it a practice NOT to interfere with any of their doll lives.  I have permission to share their daily doings on my blog and it was agreed Hittyville should be represented by two of my own Doll Friends in the world I live in.
As I mentioned in previous postings, Ginny and Hitty were to be my little Ambassadors.
Well, it turns out Hitty felt her calling was to remain strictly a Hittyville Friend.
Let me explain...

 Before Hitty became my Ambassador, she was Hitty Violet.  I understand Hitty Violet went to visit her sister, Hitty Daisy, to share her predicament.

 Hitty Violet explained to her sister she thought she would like being an Ambassador to Hittyville, but realized she missed being away from her home and Friends too much.

 Hitty Violet would much prefer being Hitty Daisy's assistant Train Mistress...a job her sister offered her last year.

 I am so grateful Hitty Daisy suggested Hitty Violet explain the whole situation to Ginny and then ask Granny Pickle for her advice before coming to me.

At Brooke's school...
 Ginny loves being an Ambassador and has wondered if Hitty feels the same way because her Friend has been so quiet lately.

 Hitty Violet opened her heart to Ginny and told her she just wasn't right for this honor.  She also shared she had a meeting planned with Granny Pickle to decide what to do next.

 Ginny thought that was a good idea and reassured Hitty Violet that I...the Fairy Doll Mother...would totally understand.

 Hitty Violet was so relieved to share her feelings with Granny Pickle, who is a confidant to many of the Hittyville Friends.

 Hitty Violet was very worried about disappointing me and Granny Pickle reassured our little Friend I just want all my Dolls to be happy.
I love Granny Pickle and can't imagine what we would do without her!

 Granny Pickle told Hitty Violet to start working with her sister at the Hittyville Station and leave the rest to her.

A bit later...
 Ginny was happy Hitty Violet could be true to herself and wondered who the new Ambassador to Hittyville would be.

The next day...
 Granny Pickle gathered Ginny and myself around my computer for a very special meeting.
A most gifted Fairy Doll Maker, Erin Kleider, had a beautiful Hitty Friend ready for adoption and Granny Pickle thought she would be PERFECT as Hitty Violet's replacement.

 This sweet Hitty has never been part of a family and as it turns out, she is very partial to Humans!
At this point, I was entirely in love with Hitty and hoped and prayed she would be able to join our Hittyville Family!

 And...she has BRAIDS!

After a conversation with the talented Erin Kleider...
I was beyond thrilled to share the news with Ginny...Our newest Hittyville Ambassador will be joining us in just a few days.
I look forward to all the adventures the three of us will share.  I want Hitty to choose her own name and will assure her she may have as much freedom as she wishes!
I also spent some time with Hitty Violet to let her know how proud I am of her for deciding to follow her own bliss....

Ginny and I can't wait for the next chapter to begin with our newest Friend!


I looked at this quote Brooke put up in her classroom and thought Gandhi's words are so fitting for the crazy world we live in today.
My heart cries for all the innocent victims of so much senseless violence.
I continue to pray for peace...It's all I can do.

Finishing Touches

 Just a few more things to do in Brooke's classroom...

 Brooke has been working like crazy this summer and the results are amazing!

 The kids will enjoy the "trash basket"!

 Brooke asked me to make a felt hanging for her door window.

I finally came up with a design and have lots to do!

We are a family who works together...and happily so.