Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

I have always loved this holiday.  It is a time to take stock and count our many blessings...and Thanksgiving leads us into the Christmas Season.

I can't even count how many times I told the story of the First Thanksgiving to my many students over the years.

I have such happy memories of past Thanksgivings.

And of course, there are the Hittyville Thanksgivings...

And today we blend the past with the present and carry on old traditions and begin new ones...especially with our grandson.

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving with love from my family and the Hittyville Friends...

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tremont and Abe Time

Joe, Brooke, and I traveled to Tremont to find Abe fast asleep...
My grandson takes my breath away every time I see him.

While Abe slept, I studied his art projects.

 A budding artist, for sure.

 Be still, my heart!
How cute...

 Noah and Amy have so many interesting things in their this footstool.

Abe woke up with a smile on his face and here he is totally enchanted with the ceiling fan.

And then...
Auntie Brooke took over!

Aunt and Nephew have a "connection".

Look how BIG Abe is!

Abe and Brooke laughed and talked...

And kissed...a regular LoveFest!

Monkey chewing time...

Uncle Steve was visiting as well and he is so wonderful with Abe!  Steve is just the best friend to Noah and I am so grateful he is part of our family...

We missed Amy...She was working...and Abe will be spending his first Thanksgiving in Minnesota. We will miss him, but I can't wait for Grandma Judy and Kent to experience the joy of Abe!

We traveled back to the farm with Ellie and Lucy and hearts filled with happiness!

My Playbook

I always love starting new art books and journals!

 A sneak peek...

I love having more room to play in!

My Art Journal

Journal Challenge: Choose a time period that calls to your heart.  Write about why that time appeals to you.
Art Challenge: Use a simple background, one illustration or picture that reflects your time choice.  Use something with dimension for the words "old school".

Monday, November 25, 2013

The ARTstronauts Club, Rex Ray, and My Playbook

I have been eagerly awaiting Teesha Moore's...amazing artist...BIG announcement and first thing this morning, it was in my email box.
Teesha and her husband, fellow artist Tracy Moore, have created an Art World truly out of this world! 
I joined this awesome art community and for $45 a year, I will get more art ideas and inspiration than I ever thought possible!  I have been a big fan of Teesha Moore for a long time and look forward to sharing her unfolding Internet art adventure!

Today I met...
Rex Ray...a talented artist with an interesting story.

I watched a video and was so drawn to his artistic process.

I love that my artistic taste has expanded to love and appreciate all kinds of artwork...

Rex Ray's rug would be perfect to hang as an art piece!

And then...once again inspired by Teesha...
Teesha is first and foremost a journal artist.  I have been struggling with all my journals and decided to combine all my thoughts, work, etc. into one place and call it My Playbook!  I am too scattered and the smaller composition book can't handle all my add-ons...
I am BEYOND excited and am going to go out and buy my big book right after lunch!
On my art table...I have my new Twistable Colored Pencils and Crayons...and Hitty Anne along with Tortoise and Ant who whisper helpful hints as I create!

Thank you, Teesha and Tracy, for making my colorful world even brighter!

Abe's Photo Gallery

Hello Friends!  This is me with my daddy. We almost have the same hairstyle, but for some odd reason, Daddy grows hair on his face.  I wonder if he is part monkey.  I love monkeys and Mommy and Daddy call me Monk or Monkey sometimes.
Do you see those scratches on my face?  Well, I have to admit I scratched myself.  I got a little carried away with my Pacifier Play.  I was trying to break my record for how fast I could put my pacifier in an out of my mouth during a commercial break and OUCH!

 It is really fun to look at pictures of myself sleeping.  Have you every had a picture taken of YOURSELF sleeping?  I wonder how many of you get to sleep with a super-duper monkey...

 Here I am again!  I am smiling because I am watching my mommy make my bottle.  I like my bottle because it makes my tummy feel good, but I also like it because Mommy holds me and I know I am in for some sweet kisses.

Do you see that look on my face?  Well, that is my "Oh Happy Day" look because my Uncle Steve just walked in the door.
My Uncle Steve is the BEST!

Why can't everything I put in my mouth taste good?
I mean, a baby has to teeth and a little flavoring might help.

My Oma LOVES this picture.  She is even using it as her Facebook profile picture and the screensaver on her iPhone.
I sure do like to play with Ellie!  She is very funny and makes me laugh.

It was nice checking in with you, dear Friends, but I must get ready for a busy day at school.  We are going to make a Thanksgiving project.
~Love from Abe~

Daisy May or Is It Daisy November?

 I have been having so much fun sketching my new friend, thanks to my Tascha Parkinson class.
Meet Daisy May.  She just kind of appeared on my sketchpad.  I love her buns with ribbons...Daisy May insists on the ribbons...and blue shoes.  My new little friend doesn't want to depend on the weather to see her beautiful blue sky, hence the ever present blue footwear.
Daisy May loves the Daisy part of her name, but thinks her middle name should be rotated according to the month.  I had to agree with her logic, so this month she is Daisy November.

Daisy November decided she wanted a cowgirl look last night.
Love the boots and I love my new little friend...

A Top Secret Canvas and Clear Stamps

I made a canvas for a dear family member this past weekend and this is a picture of the very beginnings of it.  What I wanted to show you was my new find...CLEAR STAMPS!  I love seeing where I place the stamp and paint works perfectly with it.  The stamps and holders are easy to clean and reusable.
Too excited! I will show you the finished piece after it has been delivered to its new home...

The Hittyville Queen

We are putting all the finishing touches on the Hittyville Queen.

Thank you, Joe, for helping me put up the banners!

Anna and I still have many more banners to put around the back railing.
We are going to make our own buntings for the sides.

Joe and Harlan chose just the right chain for the gangplank.

Chef Henri and Hitty Mira are admiring the paddle wheel.
Now the riverboat can REALLY set sail!

This has been a labor of love and once again, THANK YOU, JOE!

My Weekend Warrior

Joe is so wonderful and patient with me...his crazy artist wife.
Thank you for putting my art stool together, dear husband!

Joe put his finishing touch on the Hittyville Queen...the paddle wheel!
Thank you, Joe, for totally restoring this beautiful riverboat for Hittyville.
You can do anything...

Hanging pictures is probably Joe's least favorite "job", but he does it with a smile and tape measure!

~You are simply the best, Joe Miller~

Friday, November 22, 2013

Creating a Permanent Space for Art

I woke up very early this morning and visited my favorite art blogs and started thinking about my creating space.  I have tons of space, but no large tabletops for working on projects.  I have used them all for Hittyville Homesteads.  A light bulb idea came to me and I spent 5 hours this morning clearing off the table facing The Hittyville Crafters Homestead and Art Studio where Grandma Moses, Tasha Tudor, and Beatrix Potter live and create.
And then there is that view.  My music and TV are in the same room as well as most of my art supplies.
So...I moved everything from all over the house to Hittyville Hills aka My Art Studio and am in total Heaven!
There is MUCH more to be done with the shelving and supplies, but I need Joe's muscles to help me with that.
I will keep you posted!
Off to work on a special canvas...

More Hittyville Queen News

Most of the flowers have been delivered to the Hittyville Queen.

Anna is getting ready to hang the banners.

Chef Henri has decided to hire an assistant and Hitty Mira is being interviewed for the job.

Hitty Mira loves cooking and organizing and traveling.
Chef Henri hired her on the spot because Mira means of the ocean, sea.
He took that as a sign.

Hitty Mira has already rearranged the cooking space and added an outdoor grill!

Harlan approves of the snack bar Chef Henri installed.

Anna is pleased with the Lobby.

Harlan and Anna are about to play a game of Ping Pong.
You know what they say about all work and no play!

~To be continued~