Monday, September 29, 2014

What Does the Fox Say?

 Rosie is in search of Maple Seeds because they make the best Fairy wings for her "Art Fairies".  It looks like they haven't dropped down from the leaves yet.
Rosie decides to investigate a funny sound coming from the Climbing Rocks.

 Rosie thinks the Fox looks lonely and wonders if he wouldn't like to relocate by the Happy River in Hittyville Township.

On the way to the River...
 Rosie runs into her twin, Rusty, and their puppy, Honey.

 Rusty can't resist and asks his sister over and over...
"What does the Fox say?"

The very sly Fox just smiles and thinks to himself,
"This Fox didn't have to say anything."

Joseph Raymond the Gnome Gets a "Bath"

Peter Rabbit, Lily Bobtail, and Benjamin Bunny feel sorry for Joseph Raymond the Gnome.  He has none of the cheerful colors of his cousin, John Percival!

Lily Bobtail thinks a bath is in order.  The bird poop must go!
Joseph Raymond has never had a bath...just "rain showers".

Lily Bobtail also hopes Joseph Raymond's colors return.

 The Bunny Friends get to work and Joseph Raymond seems to enjoy getting all spruced up.

 Lily Bobtail suggests the Friends go home for lunch and by the time they return, hopefully the sunshine will bring back Joseph Raymond's colors.
The spic and span Gnome will take a nap until his Friends come back.  This cleaning up affair has suddenly made Joseph Raymond very tired.

A few minutes later...
 Betsy, Rusty, Rosie, and their friend Bobby wonder what Joseph Raymond the Gnome is doing in this puddle.  

Betsy has an idea!  This handsome Gnome is seriously in need of some color and Betsy has just the paints to do the job.

 Bobby will ask his buddies to help him move Joseph Raymond to Betsy's backyard.  The Gnome appears to be in a deep sleep and Bobby knows Gnome naps can last for days!

 Rusty and Rosie hope their Gnome Friend can live in their backyard forever.
Every family needs a Gnome of their own.

After lunch...
The Bunny Friends cannot believe their eyes!  Where is Joseph Raymond?  They wonder if the Gnome is sleep-walking somewhere!

~To be continued~ 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Peas and Carrots

 Peter Rabbit has planned a Labyrinth Adventure for his dear friends, Benjamin Bunny and Lily Bobtail.

 Peter Rabbit explains that in the center of the Labyrinth...which is a Prayer Walk of will find "peas".  At least that's what he overheard two squirrels saying to one another.
Now that tasty snack might just be worth the journey.

 The friends set out in search of "peas".

 Carrots?  What a happy surprise for three hungry rabbits!  Peter Rabbit is certain someone else must have overheard those chattering squirrels and beat them to the "peas".

Lily Bobtail gives thanks for the carrots and thinks Peter Rabbit may have misinterpreted the word "peace" for "peas" because that's what the center of the Labyrinth is really all about.
But Lily Bobtail will keep that bit of information to herself...

Because sometimes that's what friends do.

Friends and More Friends

 Betsy has invited her friends, Samantha and Robin, over for Craft Time... something they do on a regular basis.

 Betsy's mom saw this kit and thought the girls might enjoy putting it together.

 Robin will give the instructions to Samantha and Betsy because she wants to be a teacher when she grows up and this will be good practice.

 Samantha and Betsy can't wait to transform the little Legos into a Mountain Hut!

Mission accomplished!
Now to plan for the next Craft Time activity...

Friendship and Crafts~A winning combination!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Around the Walton Homestead

 The Waltons sure do love their animal friends.  Jim Bob spends hours with Rover the Peacock.  Elizabeth can't decide if she likes Myrtle's goat milk or Chance's cow milk the best.  When she does decide, Elizabeth will never tell because she doesn't want to hurt any one's feelings.  John Boy tries to spend some quality time with Blue, now that he is driving instead of riding his mule.

 John and Grandpa have started making furniture and business is booming!

 Grandma is suggesting several hymns for Jason to practice for their church services.

 Ben is always trying to start a business and is presently working on convincing his mother to become partners with him in a Pie Delivery Service.
Olivia will think it over.

And finally, Mary Ellen and Erin plan on asking John Boy to teach them how to drive so they can visit their friends and catch all the latest movies at the Village Theatre.
They love living on Walton's Mountain, but sometimes feel a bit isolated.

~Daily Adventures are the best~

Little Vicki's Favorite Book Series...Today

Vicki has discovered The Penderwicks books and LOVES them with her whole heart.  Jeanne Birdsall is the most gifted of writers!
Vicki identifies with the character, Jane, because she is an inspiring author and has the most wonderful imagination.
Kindred Spirits!

Around the Miller Homestead

 Vicki is working away on a story she is very loosely basing on the Culpepper and Cooper Families...with their enthusiastic blessings!

 Joe has been busy mowing all the farm fields and making sure his beloved and OLD tractor is in tip-top condition.

 Brooke is happily celebrating her birthday today with a surprise cake from her thoughtful teaching staff.

Noah, Amy, and Abe are enjoying their new home and thankfully, still make time to visit the farm.  The biggest news of all is Abe is WALKING!

~Life is good~

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

An Important Message From Lewis and Hitty Rose

 As you all know, Vicki of Hittyville is spending this year on a Creative Journey of Evolving.
Well, that is all fine and good, but the Hittyville Friends have missed sharing their Adventures with our Faithful Visitors.

 So...many of us held a meeting with Vicki of Hittyville and asked her if she might once again...tell our stories.
And guess what?  She agreed!

 Vicki of Hittyville is now jotting down her thoughts and daily doings in two different journals.  They are quite interesting with pictures and drawings and somewhat private.  She has also started writing a book about Emily Culpepper and that is keeping her imagination VERY busy!
And then...our Doll Mother has started another blog, chronicling her Human Family Adventures...starring Abe. it turns out, Vicki of Hittyville was missing our Adventures with her whole heart and was going to ask us if we wanted to share them once again with our Faithful Visitors.  She really and truly believes she has found just the right balance.
The Hittyville Friends sure hope so!

I, for one, have missed showing all of you all my YELLOW discoveries!
On behalf of Hitty Rose and the Hittyville Friends, WELCOME BACK to The Hittyville Adventures...

See you soon!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Time For a Change

I will be making my blog private starting on Monday, September 8th, while I make some decisions about the direction I want this platform to take.
This is my year of Evolution and I think it is time for a "blog change".
As my sister, Cassi, would say...
"It's all good."
~See you soon~

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Abe's Minnesota Adventure

Hello Family and Friends!
I just had the most AMAZING visit with my grandmother in Minnesota and her husband, Kent, and Great-Grandma...and well...most ALL of Mommy's family and friends.
I thought I would share with you just a bit of our action packed long weekend.

 Mommy and I got to fly in an airplane again and I slept the whole way to Minnesota!
I just couldn't wait to see Mommy's very own mommy.
I call her Grandma.  Her other name is Judy.

 Isn't Grandma pretty?  I think she was tickling me or telling me a very funny joke.  I sure do love my Grandma!

 If there were ever two peas in a pod, it would be me and Great-Grandma.  We look so much alike!  I have decided Great-Grandma is my lucky charm because not everyone is lucky enough to have their very own great-grandparent...

 Lots of good eating on this trip!

I have a cousin named Josh and boy, did we have fun playing with cars and trucks!

At Grandma and Kent's Lake House...
 Mommy put this thing on me called a life jacket.
I needed it for...

My FIRST boat ride ever!!!

Captain Kent was in charge of the boat and told me he had a big surprise for me.
I loved the feeling of the lake breeze in my face and did Mommy.

Captain Kent's surprise was the BEST!  I got to help steer the boat!

I have decided when I grow up, I am going to have a boat just like Captain Kent and Grandma.
That was TONS of fun!

More Cousin Time...
 Here I am with my cousins, Owen and Maisy...and Grandma, of course, at the Minnesota State Fair!
I am really mad at myself for crying in this picture.  I do that sometimes when I want Mommy to hold me.
I am going to work on that...

 We ALL look happy here.
Fairs are lots of fun...especially when you share the fun with your cousins!

Back at the Lake House...
My cousins thought it was the perfect day to have a Lemonade Stand.
That's when you make lemonade and sell it to all of your neighbors.

I was trying to decide what I would buy with my share of the profits.
Don't I sound like a business man?

 Now, that was a GREAT way to spend an afternoon!
Owen and Maisy are absolutely the nicest cousins in the whole wide world.

And then...
This was my face when I found out it was time to head back to Ohio.
I really wasn't ready to leave, but then I thought about Daddy, Lucy, Ellie, and my new house.
And I can always come back for a visit and Grandma and Captain Kent can come see me.
That made me feel much better.

Wow!!!  Four generations sharing some SPECIAL time together.
It really doesn't get any better than that.

So, now I am back home and have lots of wonderful memories of my Minnesota Adventure.  Thank you to Mommy's Family for EVERYTHING!
I really did have the best of times...
~Love from Abe~