Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween From Abe!

So here I am on my very First Halloween ever dressed up as The Fantastic Mr. Fox.  He is one of my most favorite friends and was in my Birth Room when I arrived in this world.
I just can't understand why everyone keeps asking me "What Does the Fox Say?"  Now that is a really dumb question for people to ask me because:
1. I have NO idea what a fox says.
2. In case they haven't noticed...I'm not talking yet!
And...the first word I plan on saying is that is why I have that look on my face.
My mommy did explain there is a very popular song/video out right now where everyone asks what the fox says.
Grown-ups sure can be strange sometimes.
Anyway, I am loving my costume and hope Mommy and Daddy let me where it EVERY single day.
Happy Halloween, everybody!

Cover Sister

My beautiful sister, Missy, is on this month's cover of Syracuse Woman Magazine.  The article gives a bit of insight into what it's like to be a head coach's wife.
As Missy's husband explains...He couldn't have made this journey without her.
Scott's right.  Missy is definitely the glue that holds the family together!
~Love you, Dear Sister~

A Hittyville Halloween

Frankie and Gwinella are preparing the Haunted Homestead for all the little Hittyville Friends who will be visiting them this Halloween.

Drackie is in charge of planning some Halloween games for the Trick or Treaters.  He must ask Gwinella if she will give Broomstick Rides again this year...and then there is Bobbing for Apples and Pin the Tail on the Cat.

Oona thanks Granny Pickle for helping her make all the Halloween candy.  Her caramel apples are a favorite of the little Friends.

That evening...
The Halloween Friends are ready for their BIGGEST celebration of the year and wish ALL OF YOU a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

My Hitty's Halloween Canvas

 Wow...these multi-media canvas projects are SO MUCH FUN to do!

A big thank you to Brooke for this perfect Halloween card!  It sure came in handy today...

Hmm~~What will Hitty be up to in her next canvas?

Art Journal Pages

Journal Challenge: Write someone a letter...
Art Challenge: Use multiple patterned papers and attach the letter.
Joe liked this page!

Journal Challenge: Think of a word that is important in my life right now and write just a couple of sentences about it.
Art Challenge: Use a picture of a woman and add some stitching to the page.

~Love my assignments~

Oh No

Yesterday I made a pilgrimage to one of my favorite art supplies stores and was shocked to find it closed!
Archiver's filed for bankruptcy last spring and stores are closing all over the country.
Sad, sad, sad...

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Hittyville Scarecrow Family

Grandpa Septimus tells Sam to hop onboard.  It's Pumpkin Delivery Day in Hittyville.

Sally and her children, Sonny and Susie, are ready to load up Grandpa's truck with pumpkins.  Sonny hopes Grandpa and Dad will let him ride with the pumpkins this October.

Susie and Sonny are the happiest of little Scarecrows.  Riding in the back of the truck is a quite an adventure!

Grandma Selina and Sunshine have baked chocolate chip cookies for an after dinner treat.

It's pumpkin carving time for the Scarecrow children.

Grandpa Septimus feels just like Santa Claus at the moment. Santa delivers presents on Christmas Eve and Grandpa delivers pumpkins before Halloween.

~It was the best of days for the Scarecrow Family~

My First Hitty Girl Canvas

 I am absolutely thrilled with the way this piece turned out.

Even the sides of the canvas were included in the design.

Now I want to create Hitty Girl's Days of the Week, Hitty Girl's Months of the Year, Hitty Girl and Holidays, Hitty Girl's Travel Adventures...and on and on and on!

My Art Journal

The journal challenge was to take one event and write one sentence about it.
The art challenge was to use some kind of trim and pictures and the rest was up to me!
Our Sunday Adventure worked perfectly...

My Brene Brown Class

Lots of introspection...

Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Gerber Baby

I am so thankful for iPhones and a VERY thoughtful daughter-in-law who keeps the pictures coming...

Our Sunday Adventure and Ruby

 During our Sunday morning tea, Joe wondered if I would like to journey to Columbus for the big doll show at the Aladdin Shrine Center.
Wow!  What a husband!

Twenty minutes later...
Joe and I hopped on 71 and stopped for our usual traveling breakfast.
Not exactly a breakfast of champions, but it sure does taste good.

An hour later...
The Olentangy Valley Doll Club of Ohio puts on a wonderful doll show.

It really is a huge show.  Vendors come from all over the United States.

I met Cynthia DeHoff and all I can say is AMAZING!  This talented lady is a fellow Hitty Friend and makes pin dolls, small dolls, Hitty dolls, and sculpts her own beautiful dolls.  I look forward to receiving her doll list...complete with pictures!

I did find a new Hittyville Friend...more in a bit!

Time for lunch!

The doll show was right across the street from Easton, so of course we stopped at the American Girl store!  Can you believe I walked out with nothing at all?

And then...
I was in craft heaven!  I found TONS of supplies for my classes and had the most fun exploring.

Heading home, Joe and I enjoyed the scenery and iPod music.  I sang my heart out for the entire hour!

Back home...
I have wondered what the Strawberina dolls look like in "person".
I fell in love...

Ruby reminds me of Ginny and Betsy McCall...all wrapped in one doll.
She really is beautiful!

The strawberry heart on her back is so cute...

Now to get Ruby dressed!  The clothes are the highest quality ever...

All dressed up and ready to find her place in Hittyville.

Oh perfect!  Ruby and Ginny have totally hit it off.
I think I hear Ginny asking Ruby to be her very own sister...

My heart is full!
~Ruby Harrington, welcome to Hittyville~

It was the BEST of days...

My Art Journal

My Art Journal lesson was such fun.  The journal prompt was to explore something I wished to share on this page.  The art challenge was to layer and have journaling lines of some sort.
I wanted to remember my past...but honor today.  
The two are intertwined but it is today we must focus on.

All About Authenticity

I am really loving the second week of my Brene Brown class.  I believe 100% in being authentic and am so fortunate to have that spirit within me...

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Have I mentioned how much I love my precious grandson?

Art Art Art

I have been loving my Art Journal assignments and making them my own!

Craft Shopping...

My Fall Holiday class is all about leaves this week...
LOVE Junelle Jacobsen!

And then there is the question of Girls...
Kelly Rae Roberts introduced me to the world of Girls.

Christy Tomlinson makes her own faceless Girls.

I decided to make my OWN I designed a Hitty and can't wait to make my own Girl art piece.  I kind of hijacked Christy's work to illustrate my point!

Life without art is looking without seeing.
Vicki Miller

The Hittyville Queen

Joe made the wheel stand and will paint it black...when he has a moment.
My busy husband has been winterizing our farm and that is a big job!

The Captain is relieved it all fits in the Pilot House!

Getting there...

Kate's Latest Masterpiece

Kate painted this beautiful ocean scene for her grandchild's nursery.  Kristen will enjoy rocking her baby and gazing at this peaceful view. have such a gift.

Fall Weather

Our River to the north...

Our River to the south...

Our Amish neighbors have been busy picking their corn.

A Tasha Tudor moment...

Cider time...

I love Fall!