Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Just For Now

Hittyville is alive and well and will return soon...
I am taking a bit of a breather to pursue some other interests I am very excited about.  After 3 years of pure studio time, I am looking forward to taking some classes, volunteering, and reconnecting with fellow rug hookers.
I have tons of projects I need to at least attempt to finish and then there is simply the art of enjoying life.

Monday, July 29, 2013

A Put-in-Bay Adventure

Hitty Rose and Lewis are so excited to be heading to Put-In-Bay for the day.  They are waiting to board the Miller Ferry.

The Hittyville Friends are finally on their way and Lewis has found a fellow gull watcher.
On the Island in Lake Erie...

Put-In-Bay is celebrating the Bicentennial of Perry's Victory over the British in the Battle of Lake Erie, during the War of 1812.

Time for some Lobster Bisque at the Boardwalk!

Such a beautiful view from their table.

Hitty Rose loves the band!
After lunch...

Lewis doesn't understand why some Friends insist on celebrating Christmas in July.

Hitty Rose asks Lewis if he would like to go on the Merry-Go-Round.  Lewis says he is too full of Lobster Bisque.  Hitty Rose secretly thinks he is a bit of a chicken when it comes to rides.

Put-In-Bay has some beautiful homes and Hitty Rose shows Lewis this amazing YELLOW house.  Hitty Rose wonders if she and Lewis might share such a house someday.

Lewis has found something much more interesting than a house...a YELLOW bicycle!

Lewis and Hitty Rose admire the 352 foot high Peace Memorial which celebrates the lasting peace between the United States, Canada, and Great Britain.

The Butterfly House has a room with REAL butterflies who land on your fingers, if you are very quiet.
And then...

Lewis is a little nervous about the ferry ride back to the mainland.  The clouds are gathering, the winds have picked up, and the lake is full of swells...Hitty Rose assures Lewis it will be just fine and offers to hold his hand if he gets too nervous.
Back in Hittyville...

Lewis loves the Put-in-Bay Pirate's Jewels Hitty Rose surprised him with once they got home.  Hitty Rose really is the best...She has promised not to tell anyone she had to hold his hand on the ferry ride.

Hitty Rose cannot believe Lewis gave her this lovely bell from their day together.  There is no one quite like Lewis in Hitty Rose's world.
And finally...
Hello Friends!
Amelia Thimble here.
Look what that odd little boy who is all about YELLOW delivered to my doorstep today...a magnificent thimble from Put-In-Bay!

That really was nice of Lewis...I think that is his name.  He told me whenever he sees a thimble, he thinks of me. 
I need to send him the best kind of thank you note.  I know...I will compose a poem about the color YELLOW and write it on YELLOW paper.
I hope that makes him happy.
And maybe then, next year, he will take both ME and Hitty Rose to Put-In-Bay, which would be a fantastic adventure for a little ball-jointed doll like me.
See you next time...

A Very Happy Exchange

Raggedy Ann and her Friends were taking a walk and as they passed the Bus Stop, they came upon a Raggedy Friend getting ready to board a bus to Jollyville, her home.
Raggedy Ann tells her fellow Raggedy how much she loves her apron.  She has always wished she could sew her name on her apron, but isn't very good with handwork.

This little Raggedy actually spells her Ann with an e...so it should read Raggedy Anne.  There really isn't room to add an e, so she has been hoping for a plain white apron just like Raggedy Ann's.

Raggedy Ann has an idea.
A few minutes later...

Two little Raggedys are VERY happy!

Now Raggedy Anne can sew her real name on the apron...She knows how to do handwork.

And Raggedy Ann has the apron she has always dreamed about.
~It was the happiest of days for our Raggedy Friends~

Friday, July 26, 2013

Busy Ben

Violet and Mitzi wonder why Benjamin Franklin has been standing by the mailbox for the longest time.

Mitzi asks Mr. Franklin if there is anything she can help him with.

Benjamin Franklin shares that on this day in 1737, he became the first postmaster of Philadelphia.  He just wanted to revisit the past for a few minutes.

But then, Ben admits, he started thinking about what he should invent next.
The Franklin Stove and bifocals have already be invented...by him.
It was a day to remember a Great American.

On To Bag 2

The Hittyville Friends are very proud of their workmanship...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Cooper's Cross Country Tour...State 1...Hawaii

Hello there!  It is me, Minnie Cooper, and I will be your travel guide throughout our tour of the Fifty United States of America.
We decided to visit BEAUTIFUL Hawaii first!
Did you know that Hawaii is made up of over 100 islands?

I believe we have discovered Paradise!
Mama G is totally captivated by the pineapple farms.
Papa Oz wants to find just the right Tiki to put in his museum.
We took the most awesome helicopter ride over some of the islands.
This is Diamond Head, an extinct volcano.
We all cried a bit when we passed over the USS Arizona Memorial.
This is a monument to the soldiers who lost their lives during the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.
Back at our Campground...

Papa Oz LOVES his Tiki and is going to send it to Hittyville...that is, if can part with it!
Mama G has been reminding us there is not room for our collections in the Camper.
Mama G is so happy about the pineapple a local artist made.
It is a perfect start to her Assemblage collection!
I am quite proud of my Nene picture.  The Nene is the state bird of Hawaii.
My job is to put a decal on our Camper at the end of each State visit.
I am the luckiest little Hittyville Friend in the whole wide world!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Shared Name...Or Not

Hitty Rose has some BIG news for Lewis!  The Royal Baby has been named Prince George Alexander LOUIS!  They share a name!

Hitty Rose does mention the Royal Baby's Louis is spelled differently than Hittyville's Lewis.
And then, some Friends are pronouncing the Royal Baby's name Lou-ee and not Lou-is.

Hitty Rose tells Lewis maybe he doesn't share a name with the Royal Baby after all.
Lewis is totally confused.
Who is Prince George Alexander Louis and why does he need FOUR names?
One works just fine for him.

A Bit of Coffee History

Archie has been so busy working in the Cafe, he hasn't had time to brew a new pot of coffee, so he made a cup of instant coffee for himself and Gladys.
It is quite fitting to be enjoying this kind of coffee, because on this day in 1938, instant coffee was invented.

Now to figure out the newly arrived Cappuccino maker!
Nothing....not even coffee...stays the same.

Getting Ready for the Cross Country Tour

At The River Cafe...
Gwendolyn cannot thank Hobbs and Miss Georgia enough for watching over the Schoolhouse Homestead while her family is on their big trip.

The happy Assemblage Artist also explains packages will be arriving from each state they visit containing items for the future museum and her assemblage piece.

Hobbs will organize the museum pieces and Miss Georgia will make sure the art pieces go into Gwendolyn's studio.

Bob Baker asks Oz if he would consider emailing a short travelogue on each state his family visits.  The Hittyville Gazette would love to publish a column called "The Cooper's Cross Country Tour" following their adventures.

Oz thinks Bob has a great idea and with Gwendolyn and Minnie's help, agrees to his proposal.
At the Woodlee Press office...

Audrey thanks Minnie for meeting with her on such short notice.

Woodlee Press wonders if Minnie might be interested in publishing a journal with her own stories and drawings chronicling the very talked about Cross Country Tour.

Minnie is beyond thrilled because she is already planning on creating a journal and now she can share it with all her Hittyville Friends!
It was a busy day for the Cooper Family.