Saturday, November 29, 2014

Almost As Good As New

Joe finished replacing the siding on our barn...You know, the siding I totally demolished when I backed into the oh so BIG and RED barn!
Now my long suffering husband needs to install a new door because my careless accident totally bent the frame.
If only I would have looked!

A Painting Party With Abe

 Hello Friends!
Last weekend we had a Painting Party.  I really don't know why my family called it a party because there was no cake or ice cream.
But...we did have some doughnuts after lunch, so I guess that was kind of party-ish.

 Grandpa Joe worked on what he called cutting in.  I don't know why he called it that because he didn't have any scissors!
Grownups don't always make sense...

 Daddy did all the rolling work.
Now that looked like fun!

 Mommy even tried her hand at rolling, but decided going on a little shopping trip might be more fun.

 Mommy bought some groceries at Target, but Auntie Brooke bought me something much better...a firetruck!

 My firetruck made all kinds of noises!

 Oma found me my own little chair/couch/bed.
I love that it is just my size and is decorated with cars.
I decided to put my own cars on it!

 Daddy took a break from all his rolling to look at my firetruck.

 I think Daddy liked the firetruck sounds as much as I did!

 Grandpa Joe and Daddy painted the dining room too...

 It was time for some car watching.

 It was also time for a little belly rub from Mommy!

 If it looks like I am praying, I must tell you I was!
I was praying for my very own car to drive around our neighborhood.
Mommy has told me they have cars for children like me, but I might have to wait for springtime.
Won't that be fun?

 Grandpa Joe and Daddy finally cleaned up their party mess.
I LOVE the new light color of our walls!

Just so you know, I helped Grandpa Joe clean up.
I really wanted to paint, but Mommy and Daddy wouldn't let me.
I think I will surprise everybody and draw a picture on our new walls with my crayons!
Now that's a GRAND idea...

See you later!
~Love from Abe~

Friday, November 21, 2014

Art Imitates Life

This story is based on a true incident which occurred just last night.

 Brooke discovered a bat in her classroom and asked Joe to please save "her".  Bats often visit Brooke's school and unfortunately, not everyone adheres to the saying..."Save the bats".
So, being the Wildlife Rehabilitators Joe and Vicki used to be, they gathered up the bat net from the barn and went on a rescue mission!

 Batty seemed relieved to have been "captured" by such a nice man and it was decided Batty should join the Bat Colony in the Miller's barn.

 Batty appeared to be very fond of Brooke and didn't want to leave her side.
And then...Batty heard the fluttering of bat wings and away she flew.

The next day...
Batty made a quick appearance when Brooke went out to the barn to check on her.
As the friendly bat started to fly away, Brooke was certain Batty waved one of her wings especially at her!

Rescue mission SUCCESSFULLY accomplished~

The Hittyville Alphabet

J Is For Jail

Mayor Andy Taylor is in charge of the Hittyville Jail which is seldom used.  Once or twice a year a Pirate spends the night, but is quickly released if he/she promises to walk the straight and pun intended.
Aunt Bee often checks to see if there is a "visitor" and if so, prepares a homemade meal so they won't go hungry, much to Sheriff Andy's dismay.

As you can surmise, the Hittyville Friends are very law abiding citizens.

Picture of the Day

This is the view when I look up at the skylight from my little couch in my Hittyville Hills studio.
Looking upward is a good way to end my Prayer Hour...

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Hittyville Alphabet

I Is For Ice Cream

The Hittyville Friends love their ice cream shop.  Lewis is partial to banana splits, while Hitty Rose can't resist anything with chocolate on it!

Shoe Time for Abe and Grandpa Joe

 Yesterday, Abe got his second pair of walking shoes.

Yesterday, Joe also bought a pair of shoes.  He has definitely lost count of how many pairs of shoes he has worn in his 65 years!

An Online Art Lesson

There is nothing quite like combining art with faith...

The Good Old Days

I miss the days when we were not slaves to our phones.
I know...It is a choice.

Books I Am Rereading

Some books can be read over and over again...

Winter Has Arrived

~I love this fascinating season of the year~

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Bluebird Sings Again

 I knew this would be just the place for it...

 It fits...perfectly!

Long ago, my parents had this beautiful window made for their Great Room.  Before we children put the homestead on the market, my brother took down the window and stored it away.  
Johnny knew how much that piece of artwork meant to me and thought I should have it.
My heart is overflowing with gratitude and happiness.
Thank you, Johnny, for sending the Bluebird to his new beloved home...

Frosty's New Home

 Frosty's new abode arrived and Joe kindly put it together for me...
Thank you, Joe!

 We love this new cage so much, we are going to replace Tuppence and Potter's pools with the same cages...Brooke wants to get them for the piggies for Christmas!
Thank you, Brooke...

Frosty is having fun exploring, but is still a bit camera shy.

~Loving our piggies~

Abe's New Stove

Hello Friends!
Yesterday morning, our stove caught on fire...on the inside...and 3 fire trucks and an ambulance came to help us!
Thank goodness we didn't need the ambulance and we really just needed one fire truck, but you never know!  The firemen took the stove outside and put snow all over it.
No other damage, but some smoke stayed in our house.
Mommy was self-cleaning the stove and the people who lived here before us must have used the bottom tray to feed their dogs...and the leftover food caused the least, that's what the fireman told Daddy.
Mommy and I had to go to our neighbor's house and I missed out on all the excitement!

Oma and Grandpa Joe came up from the farm to make sure we were okay and check the gas line, change the furnace filter, and best of all...wanted to buy us a new stove!  Grandpa Joe let me wear his hat while he did his work.

Oma told me Grandpa Joe needed his hat because we were all going to go shopping for a stove and his head gets very cold when he goes outside because he is bald.
It's a good thing I have my own hat, because my head gets cold too...and I have hair!

I was not allowed in the kitchen to watch the new stove being hooked up and that made me kind of mad.
Sometimes being little is very frustrating!

Oma felt sorry for me and asked me if I would show her my cars.
Now, that made me happy.

 Cars are my favorite thing in the world.
I wave to all the cars driving by and sometimes, they wave back to me!

Mommy has a happy face because the stove is installed and it works and the smoke smell is going away.
I am happy because I get to climb all over Mommy.  That is almost as much fun as playing with my cars.

This morning...
Mommy made her super duper special breakfast on our new stove...

Pear pancakes are my favorite!
We all love our new stove...

I just wanted to say how thankful I am we are all safe and sound!
Oma says I must have a special Guardian Angel.
I think she is right.

~Love from Abe~

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Picture of the Day

Lewis is welcoming the very FIRST snow of the season.
Our little Hittyville Friend can't wait to go sledding and ice skating!
Neither can I...

Hittyville's Thanksgiving Preparations

 The Hittyville Council of Mayors met last night and thought it might be nice to have a Community Thanksgiving and hold it on The Hittyville Riverboat with Captain Harlan's permission.
The Captain thinks it is a fine idea and Chef Henri would love to be the host.

 Aunt Bee has agreed to be the official hostess and make sure all the table settings are in order.

 Vicki and Betty are planning the publicity posters and will be in charge of making the decorations.

 Granny Pickle and her able assistant, Miss White, make the most perfect turkeys in all five of the Hittyville well as the tastiest gravy.

 The Elliott and Jensen ladies will be using an old German recipe for red cabbage and then there is that dressing that only Frieda Jensen can make.

 The Merry/DuPont Family is in charge of all the side dishes.
Becassine will oversee the making of the rolls.

 Grandma and Olivia are wondering how many pies they will need to bake for the Community Feast.

 The Ingalls Family will bring their delicious hand churned butter, cream, and whipped cream for the pies.

 Archie and Joan are so happy to have been asked to supply the coffee, tea, and beverages.  The River Cafe has the best coffee in Hittyville.

 Amy and Brooke volunteered to offer art activities for the children.

 Pastor Albert will be honored to give the Thanksgiving Blessing.

Santa and Mrs. Claus will be making a special appearance to kick off the Holiday Season.

~Let the fun begin~