Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Very Best of Years

2014 was a wonderful year.
It was a time of personal evolution for me...artistically as well as spiritually.
The most important and exciting part of my journey was growing closer to God and viewing my life through His lens...not mine alone.
I am happier and more at peace than ever before.
My Christian walk has also opened all kinds of doors in the online art community.  I look forward to sharing my "creations" with you.
This year, I also spent quite a bit of time thinking about my Hittyville Friends and what direction their adventures should take.
2015 will be filled with all kinds of stories and pictures of my Hittyville World.
It has been much too quiet for them...and me.
Spending time with my family has become even more precious, especially because of Abe. His amazing being has added such a beautiful dimension to all of our lives.  The Abe stories will also continue to be told.
As I prepare for the year I will be turning 65, my heart is filled with gratitude, love, and an excitement for where God will lead me next.
It is an adventure I WANT to share with my dear visitors to this blog.
2014 may be over as far as the calendar is concerned, but will always be a part of who I continue to become.
I am not saying goodbye to 2014, but finding a place for the treasured 365 days...the good and even the not so good my heart and soul.  Life is about learning from all of our experiences.
Each and every one of our unique lives is a gift to be honored and appreciated.

With love and friendship...Vicki

Friday, December 19, 2014

Catching Up With Abe

 We all celebrated Amy's birthday on December 14th by helping hang new drapes and enjoying a meal sitting at Amy's wonderful find...a new/old dining room table!
Family time is simply the best...

 Abe loves his booster seat.
No high chair for our little guy!

 Abe graduated from his baby class to toddlers!
I love that his daycare teacher sent a picture of the first day of each class to Noah and Amy.
Abe is so blessed to be receiving such loving care from this amazing center.

Abe's teacher also sent Noah and Amy this picture.
It seems Abe was quite exhausted after frosting cookies and himself.
An artist spent...

 Look at those little feet...

 Abe is all about his cars and trucks...

~Loving our little grandson~

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday Family Fun

 Our very large family is all about sharing adventures...especially Christmas ones.

 We decided to meet at a local garden center and get into the holiday spirit!

 The children loved the dinosaurs...

 Opa was there in spirit!

 We all got to meet my nephew John's absolutely adorable fiancee, Jessie.
It was love at first meeting!

 The Talking Tree is a major attraction for the little ones.

 Abe was not at all interested.  He had other things on his mind.

 My determined grandson was in search of the perfect Christmas tree.

 He found it!

 Every tree had a name and this one was waiting for our very own Abe.

 Even Abe couldn't believe it...

 Oh, happy day!

Abe agreed to visit Santa...if his mom could join well as his cousins, Keith and Dion.

And then...
 Our family gathered at our favorite Mexican restaurant for a late lunch.
We missed you, Missy!

 Abe was looking forward to some chicken and rice.

 We had an early birthday celebration for my niece, Lindsay.

 The cousins sure do have fun together!
It was truly the best of times.

 Joe and Noah set up the Abe tree.

 Brooke did some schoolwork on Noah and Amy's new furniture while we waited for pizza.
Their West Park home is really coming along...still lots to do...but things are taking shape.

The next day...
 Joe and I headed back up to the Cleveland area so I could visit Joe's latest project.
Father Christmas just happened to be walking around Grand Pacific Junction.

 I am always amazed at my husband's ability to restore old buildings.

 I wonder who will rent this space?

 Lots of room...

 I would love a Hittyville Tower!
Hint, hint.

A bit later...
 Noah and Amy invited us to see their decorated tree and frost some Christmas cookies with Abe.

 The Abe tree looked just perfect!

 Joe and I couldn't resist giving Abe a Sesame Street road map and some cars and farm equipment for his one and one half year birthday.

 Joe and I love little Abe so very much!

 Time to frost the sugar cookies.


Abe enjoyed several cookies and Lucy enjoyed the crumbs.

It was another very special day with family.
I am blessed.

Monday, December 1, 2014


I have noticed days going by without giving a thought to blogging.
My life is filled with prayer, studies, journaling, art classes, projects, reading, my animal friends...and most family.
I do incorporate my Hittyville Friends into my art pieces and have begun Daisy Blue Culpepper's Journal.  
My daily walk is filled with periods of intense light, which brings understanding to the shadows.  I love where I am NOW and am allowing myself to follow along this amazing path.
I thank God for this time in my life.  It is a blessing even my imagination would never have envisioned.

Our Family Thanksgiving

This is the only picture I have from Thanksgiving this year...Thank you, Brooke, for sharing it with me.
All my pictures turned out blurry!  It must be time for a new camera.
A huge thank you to Cassi and Pat for hosting yet another amazing Thanksgiving Feast!  

~We all have so much to be thankful for~