Monday, February 16, 2015

New and Improved Blogs

Every now and then I like to "start over" in my blog life.
I will keep all my past blogs open, but now you can visit me at
and there will be links to my personal and Abe blogs in the upper right hand corner.
I know this may all seem a bit crazy, but I am happy and excited about the new direction my blogging has taken!
Hope to see you in my new blog homes...
~With happy thoughts from Vicki of Hittyville~

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

At The Rustic With Abe

Oh, excuse me...

Hello Friends!
You caught me having a little pre-dinner drink.
Mommy, Daddy, and I met Grandpa Joe, Oma, and Auntie Brooke for a quick dinner at my favorite restaurant, The Rustic!

Auntie Brooke and I are having fun playing cars...

 I have developed a special fondness for Heinz Ketchup!

I am sorry, but I have to go.  My french fries are awaiting me!

See you next time...
~Love from Abe~

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Today's Story Square

What Abe is Doing

 Abe loves his new snow pants because wearing them means he is going outside to play!

 Inside playtime is also quite wonderful!

And then there is bath time...which has become a "family" affair.

~Life is good for my precious grandson~

Molly the Mouse and Friends...Letter B

Molly the Mouse
Put Letter B on the chair
And instructed the children
That B is for Bear.

My January Days

I have been busy working on my three journals.
I totally revised my Prayer Journal because I restructured my Prayer Time...which I love!

 My Daily Journal is much like a diary where I jot down my activities.

 My Faith Journal has evolved into a wonderful place to write down Bible verses and explore interesting Biblical themes...and then there is always some artwork!

My Prayer Journal is the most private of my journals and I can't imagine my life without working in this most essential little book.

 And there is my Animal Time...always cages to be cleaned and friends to be visited and fed.

 I need to make sure Socrates gets his daily walk.  I am thinking about getting him a roomy guinea pig cage...I can easily adapt it to Socrates' needs.  He lives in a rather large pool, but I think a change of scenery might be good for my tortoise friend.

 I just finished the Lego Friends Lighthouse...

I am presently working on Emma's house.
I love Lego Time...

 Painting my Button Boxes...

I am eager to tell the Rosie and Her Animal Friends Stories...and build the Playmobil Hotel!
And I am keeping up with my Leslie Sansone walking tapes.

I loved my long teaching career, but love being home even more!
It was worth the wait...

Monday, January 19, 2015

Molly the Mouse and Friends...Letter A

Molly the Mouse 
Is teaching today
Her students are learning
About Letter A.

A is for Apple
A very nice treat
Juicy and crunchy
And wonderfully sweet.

My Very First Button Box

 I found some cute stamps over the weekend and have a ton of those little paper mache boxes and got to work and came up with this.

I can't wait to make more...MANY more!

Today's Story Square

My doll's eyes really do look like this!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Today's Story Square

I am in my Bird Phase...

An Abe Adventure

 Hello Friends!
It is Dog Grooming Day...which means it is also Visit the Farm Day...which means first up...Lunch at Lyn-Way.
Grandpa Joe gave me his coffee creamers and I built a tower!

 Look what my car did!

 Again...only with two smaller towers.

 Now this is what I call fun!

 Auntie Brooke shared her chocolate pudding with REAL whipped cream with me!
I think I said "more" at least a million times.  That means a lot, right?

 Life is good...VERY good!

Back on the Farm...
 I am smiling at the Farm Dogs, but staying on Mommy's lap.
They like licking my face.  Yuck!
Grandpa Joe says that's what I get for having pudding and whipped cream all over me.

 Mommy is showing me Oma's new birds.
I wonder if Oma would let me open their door so they can fly all around Hittyville.
Hmm...maybe I will ask her the next time I visit.

 Wow!  Oma has FIVE guinea pigs now.  I sure wish Potter would come out and let me pet him.  He's my favorite!

 I REALLY like this car...Oma told me it belongs to Lewis and Hitty Rose...whoever they are.  I REALLY wanted to take it home, but Oma reminded me she got me 3 little new cars I COULD take home.  Can you believe it?  My grandmother has way cooler toys than me!  At least she shares...even if I can't take certain things home.

 Grandpa Joe has some pretty awesome toys too!

 When I get a little bigger, Grandpa Joe is going to teach me how to run the train all by myself!

 I couldn't believe my eyes!  The train had a car on it!
A car train...I am in Heaven!  I think that means I couldn't be happier...

 Speaking of cars, I wanted to get back to traveling down Guinea Pig Lane.

 Grandpa Joe and I had a race and I won!

 Oma let me play with her Hittyville Police Car...I have one at home, so I am not even going to try and put it in my backpack.  Oma would probably find it, anyway.  I can sure tell she taught little forever!

 I would like to arrest Potter for not coming out to play with me, but somehow, I don't think he would fit in this little car.

 Oma and I played cars and she put dogs in them!  How silly is that?

A bit later...
 I have to admit...all that playing made me a little bit tired and hungry.

 I ate some crackers and got crumbs all over the place!

 Mommy wonders if she should vacuum up Ellie too?
I HOPE she is kidding!

 Time to head home.
I sure do love visiting the farm and can't wait for nice weather when I can run and play and make a fort with Grandpa Joe!

Well, Friends...I hope your Saturday was as much fun as mine was!
See you next time...
~Love from Abe~

Molly the Mouse and Friends

Molly the Mouse 
Will share a letter a day
And the first one you'll meet 
Is, of course, Letter A.

Stay tuned...Molly the Mouse is a teacher as well as a storekeeper!

Paddington Comes to the Movies and Hittyville

 Joe and I actually went to the movie theater to see Paddington.  I love the books by Michael Bond and had heard really good things about the film.
It wasn't what I had hoped for...BUT...there were definitely moments of sheer magic which made watching the entire movie worth it.
Thumb way up for the amazing scenes and thumb halfway up for the rest of the film.

And the most exciting news...
Our very own Paddington has arrived in Hittyville!

~To definitely be continued~