Monday, December 30, 2013

Abe's First Christmas Holiday

Hello Friends!  
Here I am at my Uncle Johnny and Aunt Corey's house for my very first Christmas Eve celebration.
I am having a wonderful time meeting my family.

 Aunt Cassi was very nice and talked to me like I was all grown up.  I liked that.  She knows all about little kids because she has three grandchildren of her own!

I think I am in love!  Hannah is not only beautiful, but VERY sweet!  I wonder if she will be my first date...

 Grandpa Joe just taught me how to play the drums!
How cool is that?

I bet Grandpa Joe will let me play with his glasses...

 Well, that didn't last very long.

 Mommy gave me my monkey and I have to admit, he tasted MUCH better.

Mommy always makes everything okay...Daddy does too!
I sure did like my first Christmas Eve.

Christmas Morning...
 I love our Christmas tree and can't wait to see what Santa brought me!
I also have presents from my family.

Clothes?  Mommy looks happy.

 I was hoping for something a bit more "toyish"...

When I grow up, I am going to invent flavored wrapping paper!

Mommy is trying to explain to my dog sisters the toys are for ME and not them.  I don't mind long as they share THEIR toys with me.

Daddy looks pretty happy with his card.  I hope being a grown-up doesn't mean you don't get presents.

 Now this looks interesting...

Is that all there is?  Oh, wait!  Auntie Brooke will be here soon and she gives the best presents ever!

A bit later...
 Daddy fixed some appetizers for our little dinner party.

Auntie Brooke is here...

 Is it present opening time yet?

 Here we go!

 Oh Ashland University jacket.  I like it, but shouldn't I have one with my Day Care name on it first?

Books!  I love books.  This one is called the Polar Express and Oma just promised to take me on the famous train ride when I get a little bit bigger!

A book about cats!  Lucy wants to read it too, because she loves chasing cats.

I loved all my presents, but I have to admit, playing with wrapping paper is the best!

We had some nice family time.

 Oma LOVES the painting our friend, Brandon, did of Hitty.
She REALLY loves it!

 I decided to leave Grandpa Joe's glasses alone and play with his mustache instead.
I love my Grandpa Joe.

 Time for some crab legs...for the grown-ups.
I liked my pears and sweet potatoes just fine.

Did you know you need scissors to eat crab legs?  I hope Grandpa Joe will cut mine open when I can eat them.

I can't forget to mention my Uncle Steve, who spent the whole Christmas holiday with us and took some of the pictures on this very blog story.
Uncle Steve is the best!  He is going to take me bike riding when I get bigger
How lucky can a little guy get? 

I loved my first Christmas!  I got to meet new family members, open many awesome presents...including my new clothes, and also found out Christmas is really the day we celebrate the birthday of little Baby Jesus.  My mommy and daddy showed me our Nativity scene and told me the amazing story.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and I also hope Jesus had a Happy Birthday!
See you next time...

One of Many New Year's Resolutions

 I have really missed Little Vicki's adventures in Hittyville.

I promise to share far more of them in 2014!

The Documented Life Project

My journal is ready...

The edges of my pages are all decked out with Washi tape...

My art tote is finished as well!

Now to await our first group challenge on January 1st.
I LOVE my art classes!

Almost Done

Just a little bit of roofing and then the Miller Homestead is ready for landscaping, etc.!!!
~Thank you, Joe~

Courtesy of Cassi...The Elliott Sibling Trees

During the Texas Bowl game, the sisters were on a group chat and we all shared pictures of our Christmas trees.  Cassi put them together in this collage and I just love it!  I can see a bit of the Elliott Homestead in each of the pictures...

The Texas Bowl Game

 On December 27th, Syracuse played Minnesota in Houston's Texas Bowl and WON!!!  We are all so happy for my sister and her family!

I created this canvas during the game and was really thrilled to put up Syracuse's winning score as soon as the game was over.

 Abe cheered on his Uncle Scott with all his Orange gear!

Cousin Elliott was also cheering on his favorite team...It must be noted that Elliott is also a HUGE Buckeye fan as both his parents are OSU alums.

It was the best of football seasons as Scott completed his first year as head coach at Syracuse!

Finally...Rounding the Bend

 I have been flat on my back on the couch for TWO whole days!  I am not sure if I had the flu or a bad cold, but jeez...when I was teaching, I never picked up any bugs!

And then this morning...
I do believe I have rounded the bend.  I still have a bit of a cold in my eyes, but I am up and about without looking longingly at the couch.

I have missed doing my projects more than I ever imagined...and it was just for two days.
~I am so thankful I am feeling better~

Friday, December 27, 2013

The Most Magical Christmas of All

This Christmas was all about our precious Abe and I have to tell you, it was my most favorite Christmas...EVER!
Noah and Amy have made such a comfortable space for their little family and the spirit of love and joy radiated throughout our time together.
Unfortunately, my camera basically died, and I am waiting for pictures from our dear friend, Uncle Steve, before I can do a decent blog on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
Yesterday, I ordered a new camera with some more options, which should help better capture life in Abe Land, Hittyville, and beyond!

 The memories of Abe's first Christmas are forever etched in my or no pictures.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

The Miller~Carlson Family and all the Hittyville Friends wish you, our beloved visitors, a VERY Merry Christmas!

The Happiest of Surprises

Brooke and Santa arranged for Lucy to move to Hittyville and I am SO glad they did!

I LOVE Lucy!
Thank you, dear Brooke...and Santa, too!

~A special thank you to Paulette Morrissey for creating such an amazing, ball-jointed doll~

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve with the Merry Family

Bea cannot believe her eyes!  Santa Claus has stopped by to help her with  the LAST Advent Window!

Santa explains there is a special letter behind Window Number 24 and it is especially for Bea.
Santa wishes his very dear little Friend a Merry Christmas!

Bea has read the letter at least ten times and every single time the words are the same...THE ADVENT SCENE IS ALL YOURS!

At The Christmas Homestead...
Mrs. Claus and the Elves are happy the Lego set will live happily ever after with Bea Merry.
Santa gives the best presents ever!

The Merry Family was invited by Santa himself to the premier of The Christmas Train Movie.
What a wonderful way to spend Christmas Eve!

Of course, Becassine and the grandmothers are preparing a traditional English feast to be thoroughly enjoyed by the entire Merry Family after the movie...and then everyone opens one gift...another Merry tradition!

Merry Christmas Eve, Hittyville Friends!