Friday, January 31, 2014

A Fun Challenge

 So...I planned Vicki's "pretend" trip to Paris a couple of weeks ago and have been having such a ball with this imaginary adventure....

And then yesterday...
My sister, Cassi, invited Hitty Daisy to join her on a real life cruise!

The Hittyville Friends are leaving within 3 days of one another, so I am going to be quite busy with a 2 part Travel Journal!
Both the adventures feel very REAL to me...

Hitty Daisy Is Going To...South America

 Hitty Daisy just FaceTimed with Cassi and was invited to accompany her old travel buddy and her husband on the Princess Cruise's Cape Horn and Strait of Magellan Cruise!

Hitty Daisy hopes this isn't all a dream...The adventure sounds truly spectacular!  Cassi calls it more of National Geographic cruise than a tropical, umbrella-in-your-drink kind of vacation.

The happy trio will be sailing on the Golden Princess on February 14th.

 The travelers will fly from Cleveland to New York City and then all the way to Chile...a ten hour flight!
They will then take a bus to the port city of Santiago, where they will immediately board their ship.

The two week journey will include sailing around Cape Horn...

 Cassi is most looking forward to spending some time visiting the penguins in the Falkland Islands.  Hitty Daisy hopes to bring one or two Penguin Friends home to Hittyville's Adventure Land...that is, only if they want to come.

The itinerary goes on and on and will be dutifully reported by Hitty Daisy...
The ship will eventually dock in Buenos Aires, Argentina where Cassi, Pat, and Hitty Daisy will catch a plane home.

Hitty Daisy needs a cup of cocoa to calm her excited self and then she needs to make a list of what she should pack for the cruise.

~To be continued~

An Inward Adventure

 I have been working on The Walk class and it has been very interesting.
I made two maps...which fold up...for my notebook. 

  The Campfire Map reflects the thoughts which make for a beautiful, authentic, and positive life.
We had a long list of reaffirming sentences to choose from and I found myself using most of them.

The Carnival Map represents the glitzy falsehoods we are all subject to in today's world.
Again, there were many sentences which conveyed empty promises and self-doubting thoughts.  I chose the ones I hear the most...and thankfully, there weren't very many that truly affected me.

I wasn't sure I was going to like this class when I watched the videos for Lesson 1...but have to admit...after doing the finding it extremely worthwhile!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hitty Daisy's Next Travel Adventure...With Cassi

 Hitty Daisy just received a rather mysterious letter from her dear old travel buddy, Cassi.  Cassi will FaceTime Hitty Daisy tonight at eight o'clock sharp!

Engineer Eddie bets Cassi has another trip planned and wants Hitty Daisy to join her.

Hitty Daisy sure hopes so! 
She has trained several Hittyville Friends to take over her Hittyville Station Mistress duties in the event she can't be no worries about getting away.
Hitty Daisy has her fingers and her toes crossed, wishing for another travel adventure!

Hitty Daisy will never forget her trip to Alaska with Cassi back in 2005 when they both crossed the Arctic Circle and walked on TOP of the World!

~To be continued~

My sister, Cassi, is REALLY going on a magnificent adventure and REALLY has invited Hitty Daisy along.

Rusty's Dream Comes True

Rusty's father just read "Swallows and Amazons" to his son for the third time.

Rusty sure would love to have his very own boat!  He is going to go home and make a map of the Happy River and plan an adventure of his own, just like in the story.
All he needs now is a boat!

Back home...
Rusty's father has something he wants to give to his son.

Mr. Hardy made this model boat with his father many years ago and would like Rusty to have it as his very own.
Rusty thanks his father and hopes someday he will have a real boat.

A few days later...
 Rusty's father has a HUGE surprise for his son!  Someone listed this boat in the classified section of The Hittyville Gazette and just wanted his boat to have a good home.

Rusty cannot believe his good luck and his wonderful father!
He will name his boat Swallow...after the boat in his favorite book and start planning his first adventure right away!

A special thank you to online friend...who recommended the magical book, "Swallows and Amazons" to me.  You were right, Yukari...I loved it!

Pixel Art Fun

 Several years ago, Paulette Morrissey introduced me to the world of Pixel Art.
I had done a couple of kits with pictures already chosen for you, but discovered I could use one of my very own pictures!
I love this picture of Vicki and Joey and wondered how it might translate itself into pixels.


I emailed my picture to the company and immediately received the pixel bead charts online.

The beads and tiles themselves were sent via mail.

Last night I completed the third tile...There are nine.

I LOVE it so far!

My first Pixel piece.

This picture took forever because there were SIXTEEN tiles...but was worth all the work!

There is something very relaxing about making these wonderful pictures and I need to be more diligent about working on my Vicki and Joey tiles, so I can do an Abe picture!

Getting Ready for February

 I have been enjoying working in my Calendar Journal.

Odds and Ends from January...

 It's been a wonderful month...

Last night I prepared the February pages...

Time flies...that's for sure!

Scott and the Atlanta Gridlock

My brother-in-law, Scott Shafer, has been in Atlanta for the final football recruiting push and his defensive coaching skills sure did come in handy during the snow fiasco!
Scott was able to manuever his car around the unbelievable icy roads and arrive at the airport, safe and sound.
However...2 days later...Scott is still in Atlanta, unable to get a flight back to Syracuse because many flight crews are stranded in various locations. 
 My sister just called and has her fingers crossed Scott may be able to catch a flight tonight!
~What an adventure~

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Vicki's Paris Adventure:The Planning Begins

 The Paris Travelers are meeting at the Grandparents Homestead to start planning their upcoming trip to France.

Bella and her mother were both raised in Paris and suggest the best way to spend a longer visit in the City of Love is to rent an apartment.
The dates for their departure and arrival have been decided, so Bella can check what is available and reserve their space immediately.

Bella's daughter, Poppy, will be joining them on this journey as she won a scholarship to the Louvre to participate in the prestigious Color Wheel Class for Gifted Young Artists.

Becassine will be accompanying her Hittyville Friends to help take care of everyone and spend a bit of time with her own French family.
Bella's mother, Eloise, a native of Paris, served as the Head Gardener for the Monet Gardens for many years.  Eloise was invited to teach a class on Monet's flowers at the Gardens during the month Bella and Vicki will be doing their research and Poppy will be attending her art class.  Perfect timing!

Bella thinks she may have found just the right apartment for the large traveling party.  Everyone needs their own space for their work and research and this two story loft looks perfect and will be available during the dates they will be in Paris.

This beautiful loft is located close to the Louvre and looks beyond amazing!

The spaciousness, lighting, and atmosphere look so inviting...

The loft has lots of seating which will be great for the many old friends Bella and Eloise hope to spend time with.

And then there is the courtyard!
The ladies unanimously decide to rent the loft and Bella offers to call the contact person immediately.

Vicki is overcome with excitement...
Now to make their plane reservations.

The Grand Adventure to Paris is now official!

Later at the Barn...
Vicki shares all her Paris news with Joe, who couldn't be happier for his beaming wife.

Now Vicki needs to decide what she will bring on her month long journey.
At the top of her list is a brand new journal to document every moment of this once in a lifetime experience!

~To be continued~

On Holiday

Early yesterday morning, I discovered this wonderful online class which followed the talented artist, Mary Ann Moss, on her recent trip to Venice.  Mary Ann included many videos of the sights and sounds of the City of Bridges as well as her journal work.
I spent hours in Venice and really became inspired to get to work on Vicki's Paris trip...
It was well worth the price of admission!