Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

On behalf of the Hittyville Friends, the Little Monster Family wishes all of our beloved visitors the Happiest of Halloweens!


 I loved this book...Two classic fairy tales retold for our times!
I am so fortunate there is group of ladies who share all their romance books with one another...and I must say, I really enjoy most of them.

Art From The Heart

 This is part of Lesson One from a free online class I am taking through
The Kingdom Come website begins tomorrow online Christian Art Community.
I can't wait!

 Bible Journaling...

Getting my Advent Journal ready...
Another free online class.

~My cup runneth over~

Picture of the Day

I am never at a loss for companionship during the day...

Truly Lap Dogs

This is a common sight during our family TV time...
Tibs was with Brooke.
I was dogless, but had a project in my lap.


A Major Change

 With no CNN in the foreseeable future, CBS negotiations in trouble, and TNT and TBS looking for new contracts, I thought it was time to leave DISH.  
I was pleasantly surprised with DIRECTV because their packages are totally negotiable and less expensive than DISH...and their service people are MUCH nicer.

I was thrilled to be able to get both the Hallmark Channels.

~Tomorrow is Installation Day~

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Hittyville Alphabet

H Is For Hittyville
Part One
The Borough of Hittyville Village

 The Elliott Family call Hittyville Village home.

 John is the Mayor of this small and very lovely Borough.

A quick overview...

From the shores of Lake Erie to the Little Atlantic Ocean with Porter Creek nestled in between,  Hittyville Village is a wonderful place to call home.

Picture of the Day

Yesterday I noticed the Doves were trying to peck through the pond net to get to the water.
Last night, Joe put the top of one of our birdbaths next to the pond so our lovely bird friends could drink to their hearts content.

Joe...I thank you and so do the Doves!

My Spiritual Walk

I spent a couple of hours studying Ephesians this morning and FINALLY started journaling in my Bible.  The act of writing and drawing in my Bible somehow makes the words come more to least for me.
As I walked the Labyrinth today, I thought about our Spiritual Blessings and how to make them truly a part of my journey...not just something to read about and dismiss.

~I love my Meditation Walks~

Front and Back Finished

Now for the sides!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Pictures of the Day

 I thoroughly enjoyed a walk in our woods today.
The weather is beautiful, but the rain and snow are on their way...according to the Weather Channel.

Back up the hill to home sweet home.



My Doll Sister, Lorraine, all the way from England wondered if I had put Frosty in the same living quarters as Potter.
I was hesitant to do so because Potter was tremendously bullied by Tuppence.  But I thought why not try it...
So good!
Thank you for the suggestion, Lorraine!


Couldn't resist snapping a picture...

Prayer Partners

I spend much of my day in my studios and our dogs and cats are not allowed in...I can't keep track of them in all the space and there are too many temptations...including all my little critters.
Today, Tibs just stood by the entrance door for the longest time and I decided to do my Bible Journaling in the living room.
I think she really appreciated that.

Another Art Bag

I needed another carrier for my latest art projects and started drawing and painting last night...

Getting there!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Abe Visits the Pumpkin Patch

 Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day and my family decided a trip to the Pumpkin Patch was in order.
We all enjoyed brunch at Lyn-Way and then Abe got a bit restless...

 Thank goodness for the park across from Lyn-Way!
Abe looked like he was ready for a slide ride.

 I was happy to oblige.

And then...
 Abe and Auntie Brooke had a serious conversation.

 I think Abe's aunt understood him better than I did.
He wanted to go down the slide by himself.

 Grandpa Joe and Abe were watching some children having a "how high can you swing?" contest.

 Grandpa Joe started throwing leaves up into the air and "monkey see...monkey do".

 After a few attempts, Abe really got the hang of it!

 Abe followed my shadow while he sat with his daddy.

 Watching my son and grandson play together is a joy beyond explanation...

Hello Honey Haven Farm!
 This farm adventure came highly recommended...and rightly so!

 Abe wasn't sure what to make of the three little pigs.

 After observing the little guys for a couple of minutes, Abe decided to pet one.
He loved it...

 Abe then made friends with Lizzie, the donkey.

 Lizzie kept walking over to Joe.  Joe has a special connection with all animals.

 Abe wasn't too thrilled with the Corn Maze for Kids.  He likes to see where he is going at this stage.

Off to the Pumpkin Patch...

 Father and son...

I felt as though we landed on a pumpkin planet!

Abe just stared...

And stared...

 And ran toward the pumpkins yelling "Balls, balls, balls!"

 Abe picked out his pumpkin...with Grandpa Joe's help and didn't appear to be impressed with the smashed pumpkin.

 Mommy and Daddy needed their own pumpkins, of course!

 And then there were three.

After the return hayride trip...
 Mommy showed Abe how to steer a tractor.

 Abe was happy for a co-pilot on this slide ride!

 Pumpkin Abe...

 Brooke and Noah...Thank goodness some things don't change!

Back on our own farm...
Abe slowed down for just a bit to listen to a Halloween storybook from his Auntie Brooke.

We all had the VERY best of times and will treasure the memory of our day together forever!