Thursday, January 22, 2015

My January Days

I have been busy working on my three journals.
I totally revised my Prayer Journal because I restructured my Prayer Time...which I love!

 My Daily Journal is much like a diary where I jot down my activities.

 My Faith Journal has evolved into a wonderful place to write down Bible verses and explore interesting Biblical themes...and then there is always some artwork!

My Prayer Journal is the most private of my journals and I can't imagine my life without working in this most essential little book.

 And there is my Animal Time...always cages to be cleaned and friends to be visited and fed.

 I need to make sure Socrates gets his daily walk.  I am thinking about getting him a roomy guinea pig cage...I can easily adapt it to Socrates' needs.  He lives in a rather large pool, but I think a change of scenery might be good for my tortoise friend.

 I just finished the Lego Friends Lighthouse...

I am presently working on Emma's house.
I love Lego Time...

 Painting my Button Boxes...

I am eager to tell the Rosie and Her Animal Friends Stories...and build the Playmobil Hotel!
And I am keeping up with my Leslie Sansone walking tapes.

I loved my long teaching career, but love being home even more!
It was worth the wait...


  1. I love the guinea pig cages. Could you take a photo of each/all the guinea pigs. I thought you just had two. Thanks

    1. Hello there, Kowhai Corner Friend! I am sorry I did not respond sooner...I have cut back on blogging, but will try and get some guinea pig pictures up...We have added 3 more cuties to our family and love them all! Hoping all is well with you and your Doll Friends!

  2. I have been on Instagram and Pinterest lately and haven't been looking at blogs as often. I love your journals. I don't journal daily, but quite often I need to write. About what I'm doing, about my life and about my faith. God bless you Vicky. Thanks for sharing. Linda S. from Canada

    1. Thank you for your comments, Linda. I have now started a journal for my Hittyville Stories. I think many people visit the sites you mentioned, as well as Facebook, and don't spend much time on blogs. I know I don't either. I am finding moving "my life" to journals is more personal and allows for much more creativity...and I am not completely dependent on my computer! I will continue to do Abe blogs because I run them off and put them in notebooks for Noah and Amy and Amy's family can keep up with his adventures. Keep journaling and may God bless you, too!